“what a noisy lot they are.... Quite extraordinary, I think they’re great”
- Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2 & Mike Harding Folk Show

“One of our favorite new bands”
- Baylen Leonard, Radio DJ ‘On The Front Porch’

“Proper tear in yer beer music”
- Amazing Radio

“Brilliant... Honky Tonk and Brass... a really really good listen”
- Folk Is Not A Rude Word, Uckfield FM

“a cocktail of depravity…. But a beautifully intoxicating one…. A band so bursting with ideas from across the musical mists of time that you can’t help but suspect they may arrive at gigs in a Delorean”
– Listen With Monger

“tremendous energy and rhythm…. (Rhinoceros is) well worth
a listen, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a folkie. There is
something in here for pretty much everyone to enjoy.”
– Glasswerk

“not my thing at all, unfortunately”


The Green Rock River Band is an eight-piece band from London, England. The band has come together over several years, merging Old Time, Americana, British Music Hall and Folk into an explosive and memorable live set that has established itself on the UK acoustic folk circuit as one of the leading loud, brash and energetic groups.

Fire and brimstone story telling weaves its way throughout the songs, with harmonies and dirty gravel filled lead vocals. All underscored by untamed fiddle lines, sultry jazz fused trombone and thumping bass, the washboard and drums always inspiring audiences everywhere to get up out of their seats. Quality song writing and musical arrangements are at the heart of the GRRB repertoire keeping live sets fresh, exciting and at times moving.