New Album Edgelands

National Release 12TH May

"Quite Extraordinary"
Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

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New Album Edgelands

Released May 2018

Folk and country music often taps into a sense of freedom offered by the open road and the wide expanse of the open plains, but these are not the landscapes the band grew up in or occupy now. The new album EDGELANDS, takes its musical inspiration from the unloved, in-between and forgotten spaces on the edges of cities and towns. That scrap of land by the side of the ring road or behind the out-of-town shopping centre.

EDGELANDS explores a very British, suburban kind of wilderness. Sometimes unsettling and bleak, at other times hopeful and inspiring, celebrating the startling beauty that can be found in the forgotten corners of wasteland. With the right mixture of night-time, isolation and service station strip lighting, the edgelands can be as reverent as a cathedral or an old theatre.

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About Green Rock River Band

The Green Rock River Band are a London based folk band crafting original songwriting with eclectic instruments. Washboards, guitars, banjos, trombones, fiddles and three part harmonies blended together into a unique musical identity.

They have played theatres, bars, concert halls and festivals up and down the UK bringing well crafted songs, sweaty energy, laughter and a love for music with them.

Their songs have been featured on numerous TV shows and adverts and they starred in the multi-award winning feature film, The Fitzroy, as well as composing the score.




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